Design rules

Design rules for the HP-Jet fusion process.

Minimal product specification.

Further tips for a good printing result:

Narrow ducts are difficult to clean. Blind holes in particular. Consider to print a a wire or strip through the duct, after printing, the strip can be pulled out. Beware of the minimal thickness and clearance.

Printing accuracy is +/-0.3 mm until 100 mm. Bigger parts +/- 0.3%

Accuracy in  x-y plane is the best. Therefore, place accurate details in this plane.

In order to prevent warping, big flat planes (around A4 format) must be avoided.

In case of slightly curved or flat planes in a small angle to the x-y plane, stepping can occur. repositioning can avoid this problem.

Edges at the top of the print are sharper than at the bottom. Consider this, when positioning the part.

Although the jet fusion process knows less anisotropy, take into account that the best strength is guaranteed in the x-y plane.

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