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MJF-PA12 is a Nylon powder material which can be processed with the HP MultiJet Fusion machine. With this process it’s possible to produce strong and durable parts with fine details and good surface quality. Directly from the machine the outer surface of the parts does have a grey color. It’s possible to apply a black color dye which gives a completely black result. The MJF-PA12 material is well suited for complex functional prototypes. Because off the high efficiency of the MultiJet Fusion process it’s also suitable for the production of small to medium sized series.

Technical specifications


MJF-PA11 is a Nylon powder material produced from renawable biobased raw material (Castor oil). It's ideal for producing strong, ductile, high quality parts. Because of the smaller particle size, the parts are even more detailed with better surface quality. Stifness is comparable with the PA12, but the material is much tougher. The cost price is a bit higher as for PA12, but you will get a part which is more durable and much toucher.

Technical specifications

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